Meeting this Tuesday, June 24 at 7pm

Below is the agenda for our Tuesday Friends meeting – hope to see you at the meeting – 7:00 pm at DNR Headquarters.


Mr. Lane Hotchkiss – President // Mr. Jim Rabaut – Vice-President

Ms. Ginger Jones – Secretary // Ms. Cheryl Chidester – Membership

Tony Pitts, Treasurer // Ann Zinn and Fred Hanert Members At Large



June 24, 2014 – 7:00 pm

1) Introduce Guests

2) Adopt the agenda – any additional items?

3) Adopt the minutes – Ginger Jones

4) Treasurer’s Report – Tony

5) Membership Report – Cheryl

6) IRS 501c3 status & 990-N filing – Lane

7) Park Director Report – Karis Floyd

8) Playground Equipment & Fundraising

Fundraiser Ideas: Havener coupons, raffles, concert, grants,

Community Partnerships – other ideas?

9) Events: Foster Kids July 26 & Park Fall Harvest Sept. 27

10) Meeting Date(s) – fourth Tuesday, 7:00 pm at DNR Headquarters:

July 22, August 26, and September 23

11) Other New Business


Michigan Parks: Say “YES” to the Recreation Passport the next time you register your vehicle or motorcycle license plate. Check out more at

Friends of Island Lake: A new group was formed in the spring of 2013 to support and assist the Park and park staff. We are a volunteer auxiliary, like a PTA is for an elementary school. We will do projects and activities the park does not have resources or staff to do or complete. Our mission is to support, enhance, protect, and promote the natural, historic, and recreational features of the park and Huron River. To join or find out more information about Friends, go to our web site or come to a meeting which are the fourth Tuesday evening of each month except December.

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